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Guided by its core value of partnership and innovation for sustainability, wherein collaboration with diverse stakeholders is regarded as an inseparable part of how the organization does its work, CHAZ has a multiplicity of stakeholders and partners. 
These partners are drawn locally and internationally and includes the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Health (MoH), cooperating partners (CPs), like-minded sister organizations in Africa otherwise called Christian Health Associations (CHAs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and implementing organizations.   
CHAZ currently has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Zambian government through the MoH. Among other benefits, the MoU guarantees government’s support to CHAZ in the form of financial, material, equipment, human resources, etc. Currently, the government is the largest single funder to CHAZ funding salaries for health workers and the operational costs in Church Health Institutions (CHIs). As the second largest provider of health care services in Zambia, CHAZ is a critical partner to the work of MoH and has been integrated in the formal planning cycles of the Ministry at all levels including the community, the district and the provincial levels. At the national level, CHAZ is part of all the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and also the Sector Advisory Group (SAG) mechanism. In addition, by virtue of its position of Principal Recipient under the Global Fund, CHAZ has representation in the Country Coordinating Mechanism in Zambia. 
The involvement of CHAZ at all these levels of government ensures that the association has a say in government policies and its implementation.   CHAZ is also heavily involved with CPs, both the multilateral and bilateral, working in the health sector in Zambia. Through these partnerships, CHAZ is able to leverage funding and channels it to implementers for the benefit of the ultimate beneficiaries, the communities. In addition, through these partnerships with CPs the association participates in shaping CPs’ policies and programmes in the health sector.   CHAZ also partners with likeminded sister organization in Africa, CHAs. Confronted with similar challenges and issues, the CHA platform ensures, inter alia, unity of purpose among CHAs in Africa and is also critical to the advocacy voice of the members as they collaborate with their national and international partners. 
In the same vein, CHAZ has also collaborated with similar networks such as the Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN), among others.   As the largest indigenous NGO in the health sector in Zambia, CHAZ also takes a key place in the work of CSOs in Zambia. CHAZ collaborates with other NGOs in Zambia and was appointed as the lead CSO partner appointed by the MoH. Through this role, CHAZ spearheads and coordinates the work of CSOs in the health sector in Zambia and acts as a liaison between CSOs in health and the MoH and vice versa.   At the grass root level, CHAZ works with implementing faith based organizations (FBOs) operating in the health sector. This is primarily through its PR role that has made the association an umbrella organization for the work of FBOs in health. As can be expected from such an eclectic network of partnerships, CHAZ’s work has been enormously enriched. Our experience of partnership has been that were these are mutually beneficial, the resulting synergies ultimately benefit myriads of people on the ground.

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