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Monitoring And Evaluation


The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit was established in 2008 as a result of the increased demand for monitoring and evaluation services for the implementation of programmes at the CHAZ secretariat and the various mission health facilities and faith based organizations.  Prior to 2008, monitoring and evaluation of programmes was conducted by Monitoring and Evaluation Officers housed in the health programmes department.  However, it became apparent that there was need for the establishment of an M&E Unit which could not only provide monitoring and evaluation services to health programmes but the entire organization. The establishment of an M&E Unit also served as a means to strengthen Monitoring and Evaluation at the Secretariat.
The purpose of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit is to provide reliable information on progress on all CHAZ programmes as an integral part of the CHAZ strategic direction of improving health service delivery.
The specific objectives of the Unit include: To collect, process, analyze and manage data for evidence based decision making.
To verify whether activities have been implemented as planned to ensure accountability and address problems that have emerged in a timely manner. To provide feedback to data providers and relevant authorities to improve future planning.
To document periodically whether planned strategies have achieved expected outcomes and track CHAZ contribution to the national impact. The M&E Unit provides its services to implementing mission health facilities and faith based organizations through the Secretariat and the four provincial offices located in Chipata serving Eastern province, Choma for Southern and part of Western provinces, Kitwe taking care of Copperbelt and North-western provinces and Kasama responsible for Northern and Luapula provinces. The monitoring and evaluation activities implemented include: Technical Support: CHAZ provides periodic technical support to health facilities and faith based organizations in M&E data management and reporting. Data management is critical to accurate reporting. M&E Officers provide mentoring as they conduct their routine technical support on any challenges which may arise at the implementation site. On-Site Data Verification: On site data verification is conducted to ensure that the numbers reported to the secretariat are accurate by comparing the records (source documents) kept by the implementing health facility and faith based organization and the reports submitted to CHAZ. 
This process also provides an opportunity to provide further mentoring to staff that had problems in compiling their reports and those that may be new to the system. Joint Annual Review: CHAZ participates in the annual joint annual review process. The purpose of the joint annual review is to assess performance of all stakeholders implementing health services throughout the country and to identify lessons from the prevailing situation. The Joint Annual Review is spearheaded by the National AIDS Council. End of Programme Evaluation: Periodically, the M&E Unit conducts programme evaluations on programmes which have reached their mid-term or at the end of the programme. The purpose of both mid-term and end of term programme evaluations is to provide feedback on the implementation of the programme in relation to the impact the programme is making. Monitoring and evaluation Training for Implementers: The CHAZ M&E Unit conducts M&E training for implementers at the beginning of a programme and during the implementation of the programme.
This serves as a means to provide guidance on the requirements of good data management and reporting which is critical to M&E and other M&E expectations.  The implementation of M&E activities is not without challenges. Some of the common challenges experienced include the lack of understanding on how to complete reports particularly for staff that have not been orientated in report compilation. Lack of handovers as staff leave the health facility/faith based organization, source documents are incomplete which results in difficulties in compiling reports at the end of the reporting period and M&E data management and reporting are simply not given the due recognition and priority in relation to programme implementation and other activities.

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