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To provide management and the Board with an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value in order to improve the effectiveness of risk management, control environment and governance processes.
The purpose of the department is to manage and coordinate Internal Audit operations in order to ensure compliance to policies, rules, systems, procedures and strengthening of internal controls at Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) Secretariat, Church Health Institutions (CHIs) and Faith based organizations (FBOs).
The scope of audit coverage is organisation-wide and no department or unit is exempt from audit and review. The coverage will further include all Sub Recipients that have received funding from CHAZ either indirectly or directly
In order to fulfill its mission, the Internal Audit Department will determine whether CHAZ’s network of risk management, control environment, and governance processes, as designed and represented by management, is appropriate, adequate and functions as intended. The internal audit will perform audits, reviews, special investigations and consulting services to determine that;
The appropriate level of internal control exists within CHAZ to identify, manage and mitigate internal and external risks
Significant financial, managerial and operating information is accurate, reliable and timely
Policies, standards, procedures and controls are adequately documented and operating effectively
Interaction occurs as needed between the various departments, external regulatory authorities and governance groups.
Significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting the Organisation are recognized and addressed properly.
Employees’ actions are in compliance with CHAZ policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations
Resources are acquired economically and used effectively and efficiently
Assets exist and are adequately safeguarded
Appropriate controls are documented and incorporated in the design, implementation and operation of major information systems
Operations and programs achieve their planned goals and objectives
Laid down systems and financial procedures, grant terms and conditions as prescribed by CHAZ are complied with and adhered to.
Provision of independent reviews of the Secretariat and member organisations’ systems of control. Arising from these independent reviews are recommendations to management to address the underlying system faults to ensure that issues do not recur.
Provision of other advisory services to management and will conduct investigations on an ad hoc basis as requested by management or CHI / FBO
Internal audit also has responsibility for assisting in the development and operation of the risk management framework at CHAZ, Monitoring of activities and progress towards both the annual operating and strategic plans and reports the related information to the Executive Director progressively throughout the year.
Institutions are encouraged to contact the Internal Audit Department in cases where they need advice or suspects fraud within their organisations.
To provide for the independence of the Internal Audit Department, its personnel report to the Internal Audit Manager who reports to the Board. In addition, the Internal Audit Manager has direct access to the Board and takes directly to the Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee, any matter that is believed to be of sufficient magnitude and importance to require immediate attention of the Board

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