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CHAZ’s vision of contributing to the provision of holistic quality health care to all Zambians is affected by many limitations, such as the inadequate resources allocated to the health sector. CHAZ recognises its limited control of these factors, hence the decision to engage in Advocacy for increased participation in tilting Public Policy to favour health.
Main objectives
To advocate for improved quantity & quality of resources for a more responsive health care system.
The specific Objectives and desired outcomes are: 
The government to commit to spending 15% of its budget on health by 2013.Increased budget expenditure on health will guarantee the improvement in the delivery of quality health services especially in the rural areas.
Outcome: A sustained increase health budget allocation.
Ensure that 100% of budgeted funds are received and used on intended purposes in 50% of selected geographical districts by 2013. Increased allocations can only translate into quality health services if they are received by Health facilities and are spent on the intended purposes. Budget Tracking builds checks and balances and creates a partnership between communities and duty bearers.
Outcomes:  Adequate, timely and transparent disbursements received by health service providers and Increased participation of communities in Health resource tracking and active citizenship in claiming their right to health
Activities implemented :-
Capacity Building: CHAZ recognises the need to make investments in capacity building to increase the capacities of its organs and publics to engage in a deliberate planned and sustained strategy to bring about meaningful results. 
Lobbying of Political Leaders: The programme will engage strategic national Leaders who can influence Zambia’s commitment to allocate 15 percent of the National Budget to the Health sector. 
Coalition Building: CHAZ works with civil society Organisations and international NGOs who share its Advocacy Objectives. CHAZ is the lead organization for civil society organizations working in health. 
Budget Tracking: CHAZ will works to increase appreciation of the positive potential that can emerge from civil society engagement in tracking the utilization of health budgets through monitoring of disbursements to health facilities and implementation of capital projects. 
Media Engagement: CHAZ engages media gatekeepers on the importance of health and how increased resources for the health sector has a positive impact on all developmental endeavours.
Areas where implemented:  All Nine Provinces.
The engagement with Government at all levels resulted in increased allocation to the health sector in 2011 amounting to K1, 772.9 billion (8.6 percent) compared to K1, 362.5 billion (8.2 percent) in 2010 . This represents a 30 percent increment to the sector.
The absence of Right to Information legislation and a well articulated governance system that gives legitimacy to community participation in health.

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